2D Simulator for Zoo Experiments


~ Please see the abstract map site for further details about the research publication ~

Using the Abstract Map in a 2D Stage simulation

2D Stage simulation with with simulated tags

Package contains everything needed to simulate the zoo experiments performed in our IEEE TCDS journal. The package includes:

  • world & launch files for a stage simulation of the GP-S11 environment on QUT's Gardens Point campus
  • a tool for creating simulated tags in an environment & saving them to file,
  • launch & config files for using the move_base navigation stack with gmapping to explore unseen simulated environments

Installing the abstract map simulator

Note: this is just the simulator; to use the abstract map with the simulator please make sure you use the abstract_map package

Clone the repo & install all Python dependencies:

git clone
pip install -r abstract_map_simulator/requirements.txt

Add the new package to your ROS workspace at <ROS_WS>/ by linking in the cloned repository:


Install all of the listed ROS dependencies, and build the package:

cd <ROS_WS>/src/
rosdep install abstract_map_simulator
cd <ROS_WS>

Acknowledgements & Citing our work

This work was supported by the Australian Research Council's Discovery Projects Funding Scheme under Project DP140103216. The authors are with the QUT Centre for Robotics.

If you use this software in your research, or for comparisons, please kindly cite our work:

    author={B. {Talbot} and F. {Dayoub} and P. {Corke} and G. {Wyeth}},  
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CRICOS No. 00213J