A ROS and OpenCV version of RatSLAM is available at: Google Code

Please see the following paper for more information about openRatSLAM. We would appreciate cites if you use the code.

David Ball, Scott Heath, Janet Wiles, Gordon Wyeth, Peter Corke, Michael Milford (2013) OpenRatSLAM: an open source brain-based SLAM system. Autonomous Robots

We provide the following datasets here, which can all be downloaded via the button above.

iRat 2011 Australia

The iRat - intelligent Rat animat technology

St Lucia 2007

See the youtube video describing this dataset.

Oxford's New College 2008

We have re-encoded Oxford's dataset that is available here into a rosbag file. The rosbag file only include the odometry and the panoramic image sensor data. The odometry has been integrated to be at the same rate (3Hz) as the panoramic images. Note that this re-encoded datset file has been created without permission and is maintained purely by us.

If you use this dataset, please reference the original paper:

Mike Smith, Ian Baldwin, Winston Churchill, Rohan Paul, Paul Newman (2009) The New College Vision and Laser Data Set. The International Journal of Robotics Research. 28:5

CRICOS No. 00213J