Armer architecture diagram

This diagram shows the layers a user command goes through to finally be translated into movement on the robot. (Open the image in a new tab to see with greater resolution)

The following ROS components are utilized by Armer to allow the user to command with an arm.

For more details on how to use these interfaces see the tutorials.

Subscribed Topics

  • /arm/cartesian/velocity geometry_msgs/TwistStamped

    Moves the end-effector in Cartesian space w.r.t. the target frame_id (base frame if no frame_id is set).

  • /arm/joint/velocity armer_msgs/JointVelocity

    Moves the joints of the manipulator at the requested velocity.

Published Topics

  • /arm/state armer_msgs/ManipulatorState

    Provides information on the current state of the manipulator including the pose of the end-effector w.r.t. to the base link, whether the manipulator is experiencing a cartesian contact and collision as a bit-wised error state flag.


Action Servers